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  1. Blood in the Water 4:21
  2. Wheels on the Ground 4:26
  3. Water in the Sky 3:38
  4. This Old Guitar 4:05
  5. Looking for a Man 3:27
  6. Heart on my Sleeve 3:02
  7. Cornbread 4:15
  8. Jenny Was a Keeper 4:44
  9. All Your Love 4:00
  10. All I can Take 4:09
  11. Heavy Load 3:47
  12. Mother land
Blood And Water (Juli 2002)
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CD ist zur Zeit vergriffen, nur als Download erhältlich! Aber sie ist mehr als empfehlenswert! Ich hab sie von iTunes Deutschland, eventuell auch oder amazon...einfach mal checken!

Blood and Water is a raw and intimate recording that doesn't shy away from what is in the cracks between a man and his world. With two microphones and a guitar he looks into the water and tells truthfully what reflection he sees.
The Austin Chronicle says "Blood and Water is spare and ragged with skillfully told tales and wistful melodies"
3rd Coast Music gives it 4.5 stars (out of 5) and says Blood and Water has "raw power. This stripped to the bone album is so effective...a singersongwriter to watch out for."

Blood and Water, while mostly solo, is rounded out with appearances by Anais Mitchell, Jonathan Byrd and Tim Beattie. Anais and Jonathan were also New Folk winners with Brooks at Kerrville. Eldridge Goins produced the record with Colin and has been the man behind the faders and the drums with many Texas favorites including Guy Forsyth, Carolyn Wonderland and Patrice Pike.

Colin moved to Austin in '02 from New York where he had just finished his first record, chippin away at the promised land. Performing Songwriter described it as having "greasy dobro licks and ragged but right vocals". "Outstanding songwriting and vocal talent" said Roots Music Report. A Kerrville New Folk winner in '03, Colin has gained the respect of the Austin community both as a singer and a guitar player.

Brooks describes himself as a "slinger-songwriter" as he has always worked as a sideman almost as much as he has fronted his own bands. He has a residency at Momo's every Wednesday then plays musical chairs with his band mates and supports them on their sets with dobro, lap steel, and electric guitars. He has recently been seen slinging with Ruthie Foster and Toni Price and previously, Hal Ketchum.

Whether sliding through the swampy groove "cornbread" that would make your mama blush or weaving a moody tale of love and desire, Blood and Water will pull on you and make examine your heart.

"Moodily magnificent...only Jeff Lang had a similar effect 4 years ago...makes profound sense of a world of melancholy"
Steve Baker in Barfly, Australia

Blood and Water Credits
All songs written by Colin Brooks except
Wheels on the Ground and
All I can take by Colin Brooks and Preacher Boy
Jenny was a Keeper by Colin Brooks and Paige Williams
Heart on my Sleeve by Colin Brooks and John William Davis

Anais Mitchell, Background Vocal on Water in the Sky
Jonathan Byrd, Background Vocal and guitar on Jenny was a
Keeper and Cornbread
Tim Beattie, Background Vocal and Harmonica on Jenny was a
Keeper and Cornbread

Produced by Eldridge Goins for Mixorama Records and Colin Brooks in Austin Texas. Copyright 2005 Skywater Records

This record began as demos for the next record (working title "Water in the Sky") but began to grow on all of us as a viable recording all on it's own. Many people who have heard me play solo over the years have asked when I was going to do an acoustic record, so, here it is. ..naked and raw. A recording that doesn't try to be anything other than what it is, some songs, some guitars, some microphones, and someone to push some air around.

Many of these songs were recorded the week they were written and a couple the same day! It's hard to over-think when you do it that way and I hope that it imparts some of the amazing sense of "right with the world" feeling I have when I write songs

I want to thank Cliff Hargrove at KUT for recording "Motherland" live on John Aielli's show on June 21st. Just got it in under the wire before we mastered the record.
"a songriting genius...can write danceable power roots songs just as expertly as he composes his masterpieces of dark atmosphere"

  1. Drive Me Home 3:55
  2. Show Me the Way 5:02
  3. They Remember 5:08
  4. Cool Water 4:58
  5. Lay Lady Lay 4:09
  6. Mexico 3:59
  7. Nobody 4:47
  8. Sugar 4:47
  9. Mr. Right 4:43
  10. Chippin' 4:10
  11. Run 4:13
  12. Lay Me Down
Chippin Away At The Promised Land (Juli 2002)
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